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Dartoid: Murder on the Darts Board

In this installment of Dartoid’s World, Dartoid takes a look at the newly released book by Justin Irwin, the Bachelor of Darts.

Dartoid: Justin Irwin is his name and darts was his game – for a year – and now this most famous non-famous man in darts has written a book about his experience. Oddly entitled Murder on the Darts Board (although some might argue that Suicide on the Darts Board would be the more accurate title), this lively account was released by Portico Books on January 7 and is available everywhere books about darts are sold, which means, I guess, not widely.

I enjoyed the read. Having interviewed Irwin just after he quit his charity job as the Director of England for ChildLine, I understood early-on that his so-called quest “to become world champion in twelve month’s time” was inaccurately represented by the press. To be clear, this was never Irwin’s intention. More simply and I think respectably his goal was to take a break from the long hours, lack of appreciation and often incredible stress seldom associated with non-profit employment, except by those involved. Irwin dealt daily with matters most of us only read about, particularly child abuse.

It takes courage to pass up a regular paycheck and chase a dream. Irwin deserves credit for doing so and when few others would I gave him credit at the time.

Of course you also have to be a little bit nuts – like the guy who walked from Land’s End to John o’Groats naked, twice. We’re all a little bit nuts, just some of us are nuttier than others. Irwin’s just one of us.

Irwin’s quest was not to “become world champion within a year.” He did not say “darts was easy” or that “there is no skill” involved in the sport. He didn’t utter any of a number of other derogatory comments attributed to him by the press. He also, it is worth noting (and much to his credit), never ridiculed anyone, as many did him, for remarks they never made. Admirably, one of his detractors, Wayne Mardle, has since apologized. Others should.

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