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Ashford Darts Academy Youth Give Great Performance!

A while ago, we did an article here about the Ashford Dart Academy, being run by Mick and Jackie Apps. Here are some of the youth of the academy, proudly wearing the clubs t-shirts after giving a rousing performance on Ashford Finals Night.

The names of the academy members who took part are (in alphabetical order) Elliot Bali, George Blackwell, Sam Breeds, Wilson Guest, Ollie Roper, Sam Smith, Nick Webb, Ben Wright, Jon Wright, and Josh Wright. All those who took part were presented with a medal for the younger members, and a darts pin badge for the older ones.

There are two members of the Academy who, due to dedication of the volunteers, have gone on recently to do well at other Darts Competitions. Sam Smith took part in a Competition where there were a number of Kent and County Players, Sam played some very good darts and beat a number of good players, showing at all times the good sportsmanship and respect to the other players that the Academy has taught him. Ollie Roper plays on a Wednesday night for the Romney Marsh League, and was a runner up in pairs competition, also showing at all times the good sportsmanship and respect taught by the Academy.

The winners of the Ashford Doubles match, Phil Gibson and Andy Hone (pictured above), are also two of the Academy?s volunteer coaches, as was the winner of the Ashford Singles contest, Daniel Martin (pictured below).

Other regular volunteers for the Academy include Terry Smith, Richard Marsh, Sid Britten, Peter Allen, Tony Hall, and Tim Fullager, and there are others who come along occasionally. These volunteers? ages are between 20 years old to over 70 years old. Not only are they helping the youth to become better darters, but they are also good darters themselves! It is the dedication of volunteers such as these that are helping to make a difference not only to the sport of darts, but to our youth as well.

The Ashford Darts League has two leagues, one for Darts and Crib, and one just for Darts. The Darts only league has been named after the Academy, and it is called The Ashford Darts Academy League, and all the trophies presented on Finals Night were engraved with the Academy name. According to Ms Apps, this was a complete surprise, and the academy youth, sponsors, and volunteers are very proud and honored. Ms Apps was also asked to present the trophies for the evening.

The Ashford Dart Academy is run every Saturday starting at 11:00AM at a local Ashford public house called The Locomotive. This is a voluntary club, and no fees are charged to the youth that participate, but they can use your help. If you can contribute money, supplies, or even your time, it would be much appreciated!

There is a donation box on the Locomotive?s bar where you may make a contribution, or you may contact Mick or Jackie Apps directly and inquire about what supplies or materials the youth may need. Please email me at and I will put you in touch with them.

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