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Wolfie and Mrs Wolfie Both Love the Doubles

It seems that when Martin Adams starts having trouble hitting the doubles, Sharon his wife finds hitting the doubles a bit easier.

According to various sources around the internet, Wolfie’s wife Sharon finds herself in a fit of nerves when her husband takes to the oche.

According to The Times Online:

Each throw of a dart becomes so unbearably tense for the No 4 seed?s wife, Sharon, that she is likely to lock herself in a lavatory, soak a wolf puppet in sweat and hurl expletives at the defending champion while he is on the stage.

Both will be hitting the doubles ? only Sharon will take a shot at eight double brandies and Diet Cokes in an attempt to calm her nerves. She drank 12 doubles during “Wolfie’s” memorable final against Phill Nixon a year ago, when she had to be flushed out of the lavatory after his triumph. She never finishes legless. “If I had cider I would be flat on my back,” she said.

An article from The Sun says:

There was another liver-bashing session when reigning BDO champ Adams almost threw it away against Rob Thornton before reaching today?s semis.

Sharon, 49, said: “I swear I’m going to do a Tommy Cooper. I swear I?m going to have a heart attack one of these days.

“I got through about eight double brandy and cokes watching him against Thornton. Last year in the final I got through about 12.”

Ms Adams says in a Daily Star article “I am not one of these people who have too many drinks and start screaming and shouting.”

Ironically in the same article mentioning her quantity of drink and her statement of not having “too many drinks” and screaming and shouting, she describes how she times her screams and shouts so husband Wolfie will be sure to hear them:

Swimming instructor Sharon, 48, does her best to make sure he can hear her during games.

She times her outbursts so Martin is aware of her, even though she is among a crowd of 1,250 at the Lakeside Country Club at Frimley Green.

She said: “I try to call out after his opponent has thrown his last dart and before the referee has had a chance to call the score.

“It’s usually dead quiet and I know Martin is going to hear me.

“I fouled up against Robert Thornton because he had only thrown two darts and I shouted ‘Come on Martin’ as he was throwing the third.

“I shouldn?t have done that and I felt very bad.”

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