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Martin Adams: Footballers these days are a bunch of overpaid professional sportsmen

According to an article in the Sun, Martin Adams supposes that darts is the new football, and that today’s today?s Premier League millionaires are a bunch of ?big girls? blouses?.

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The reigning BDO world champion believes the sport has taken football?s place in the hearts of the punters.

Adams said: ?Over the years footballers were held up as working class heroes.

?But I don?t think that?s the case anymore ? even reserve-team players live in bloody great mansions.?

And England darts skipper Adams says he is always compared to ex-football skipper David Beckham.

But Wolfie said: ?The big difference between me and him is that I know what it?s like to lift the World Cup.?

Adams, 51, also claims today?s Premier League millionaires are a bunch of ?big girls? blouses?.

And he reckons darts is experiencing a massive surge in popularity because of footballers? celebrity status.

He said: ?You can?t get within 100 yards of a Premier League player to get his autograph.

?But next week, more often than not, you will find me and Ted Hankey down in the hotel bar having a pint with the punters.

?We do not see ourselves as above them. Darts players are the real working-class heroes nowadays. We are more accessible and the average Joe can identify more with us than most football players.

?It?s been happening particularly in the past two or three years. Prices have gone through the roof to go to watch football, so it?s also a question of simple economics.

?I like football. My wife Sharon and son support Chelsea and they are always on the TV in our house.

?The terraces are still full at football but there is a definite feeling that the general public is falling out of love with the players.

?There seems to be too much distance between them and the fans. You won?t get that with darts.

?Footballers these days are a bunch of overpaid professional sportsmen ? they are in fact a load of big girls? blouses.

?A little click on the ankle sends them to the ground screaming in agony.

?I thought the object was to stay on your feet. I must be wrong.?

Arrows has been steadily capturing more and more of the market share. The PDC?s Grand Slam last November was screened by ITV ? the channel?s first terrestrial darts showcase for 20 years.

The BDO?s marquee week at Lakeside is held up as the original blue riband tournament and is sold out months in advance.

The rival PDC governing body was forced to move out of its spiritual home at the Circus Tavern to Alexandra Palace to make room for more spectators.

Adams added: ?We are definitely seeing a huge rebirth for darts. Crowds flocked to the Ally Pally last week to see the PDC championship. We haven?t seen crowds like that up there since the News of the World Championship.

?There were no big screens then, it was just two dots in the distance.?

Adams kicks off the defence of his BDO crown tomorrow with a re-run of last year?s dramatic final.

He led Phil Nixon 6-0 before suffering a major case of stage fright.

Nixon clawed back to 6-6 before Adams flopped over the finishing line 7-6 to claim one of the sport?s most thrilling victories in years.

?My game with Phil will be just as tense as last year?s final ? even though it is a first-round match.

?You can?t settle for a 1-1 draw in darts, the stakes are high in every game.?

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