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Robbie Kong Green Returns to BDO

Confirming the move earlier this week on his website,, Robbie sites financial strain and sponsorship issues as his primary reasons.

From the forum on his site:

Well its been rumered for the last few weeks about me leaving the PDC and going back to the BDO…
After having a good think about it, I will be leaving the PDC this season and I’ll be playing in BDO tourneys..
I’ll miss it, but time to move on. The costs are just too much, and I can’t afford it..I’ve not been able to manage many comps last year and with the ban and fine I got, it just wiped me out.

Lack of sponsorship makes it impossible and I’ve not had much luck with that. I’m quite looking forward to meeting up and playing against some old friends in the BDO so its not all doom and gloom. The PDC is where the money is, we all know that, but what’s the point of being a member if you can only afford the odd one here and there…

According to an article by Stuart Pyke on the Unicorn Darts News website:

Green has appeared in most of the big PDC “Majors” and in 2006, he reached the quarter-finals of the UK Open at The Reebok but that’s where his troubles began.

After the tournament, a random drugs test landed him in hot water with the Darts Regulation Authority. He tested positive for a banned substance and was fined ?3,000, as well as being forced to return his ?4,000 prize money.

“I know it was all my fault,” Green said. “But having to give the money back and pay the fine just wiped me out.”

“It is simply down to money,” he said. “I will back my ability. If I can beat the best in the PDC, I am sure that I can beat the best in the BDO.”

Green’s first BDO tournament will be the Scotland Open held next month in Glasgow, and he hopes to qualify for both the World Masters and the Lakeside World Championship.

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