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Barneveld To Use Earplugs To Avoid Hearing Abuse

According to the Daily Express, Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor both plan to wear special earplugs designed to shut out the shouts of abuse they are receiving from darts fans during their competitions.

From the article:

Barneveld revealed yesterday how upset he was to be on the end of chants of ?easy, easy? at the Alexandra Palace when he lost his world crown, following his third-round defeat to Kevin Painter.

He will now use a ?400 device, developed by his manager Ed van der Veer, who used to work in the hearing-aid industry, to help him concentrate, because he becomes annoyed when the crowd chant ?miss? as players are about to throw.

Barneveld beat Taylor to the world title in the last final to be staged at the Circus Tavern nightclub in Essex last year, before the tournament moved home this year, and doubled the size of the audience.

But the Dutchman said: ?A year ago I had the ?Barney Army? and ?You are the greatest?. It was the best final ever when I beat Phil. But then a year later it was ?easy, easy?.

?It hurts ? and it hurts big time. You want to do one thing ? you want to go back to momma.

?More people will cause more problems. If there are 300 in the hall cheering Raymond and 700 cheering Phil, it is OK. But I had the feeling of 2,500 people cheering for England.?

Barneveld, speaking in London yesterday as he and Taylor launched the Nintendo Wii version of the computer game PDC World Championships Darts, said: ?Using the in-ear system is the future, because now when it goes quiet and someone calls ?miss, miss? you hear it all.

?That happened when Barrie Bates was playing Erwin Extercatte, who might have won the final set, but people were calling things out to him and he missed.?

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