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Dartoid has a comment or two on Sid Waddells New Book

If brainwashed middle-class journalists want to pooh-pooh darts because of the bellies, tattoos and beer and not see the skill or dedication or the work ethic, that’s their problem.” — Sid Waddell

There was a lot of CRAP flyin’ about in the run up to the publication of Sid Waddell’s newest book, Bellies and Bulls-eyes, The Outrageous True Story of Darts, and I want to say, right here and now, that what some people were saying was just plain CRAP, or have I already said that?

?Bad cover, bad idea, bad publicity for the sport, bad intention to make money off the backs of the dart players,? posted someone at a popular darts website, echoing the uninformed opinion of many ? none of which, at the time the postings were made, had even picked up the damn book. ?Oh well,? posted another, ?it?s just a? stumble back in our journey to show people how much talent and skill it takes to master this sport?we will prevail.?

What rubbish! What frickin? rubbish.

I?ve got more than fifty books about darts in my little library ? a fair share more than the number of magazines my close personal friend, Dave ?Boy? Green, has in his porn collection ? and I?m tellin? you ? yes, right here and now, again, as redundantly as I possibly can ? go out and buy the book, you damn dummies! It?s the most enjoyable book about our sport that I?ve come across yet (next to mine, of course).

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