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Dave “Boy” Green Interviewed by Dartoid…sort of.

There is one interview by Dartoid that everyone supposedly been waiting for, an interview with a name that has conjured images of darkness and mystery and forced whispers of speculation from dart forum visitors all over the internet..but unfortunately we’ll still have to wait, as the Rat is unavailable. Instead, Dartoid’s latest article interviews Dave “Boy” Green. Who is Dave Boy Green and why should anyone care? Well, read on!

From Dartoid’s Column:

It was the following two paragraphs from my daily series on the Professional Darts Corporation?s (PDC) first Las Vegas Player?s Championship and annual Desert Classic that got me threatened:

In a result unprecedented in darting history, indeed in the history of all sport, thirteen times world champion Phil Taylor today won the Professional Darts Corporation?s (PDC) Las Vegas Player?s Championship without being present.

Reached at his home for comment, Dave ?Boy? Green, in his typically understated way, had this to say: ?Taylor seems like a nice enough bloke but, honestly, what?s he really accomplished? Sure, he?s won a few titles but he?s never played me. I?d whoop him senseless.

My private mail message alert beeped and there it was: an unhappy little note from the Boy himself?

?You crossed the line where I am concerned,? he penned, ?and I will not tolerate being the subject of slanderous comments on any website or darts forum. I have a hell of a lot of respect for Phil Taylor and certainly will not put up with you misquoting me about any dart player let alone one I respect. I have sought legal advice before because of comments made about me that are slanderous and certainly will not think twice in doing so in your case should anything like what you wrote about me come to my attention in the future.? (The emphasis is mine.)

Read the rest of the article at Dartoid’s World.

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