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WDT Winner Anderson: I was sure I was going to lose


?I was going to lose with 7-0 tonight. That?s what I felt this morning.? That is what Gary Anderson said just after the final of the Bullit World Darts Trophy. Anderson beat Phil Taylor in the final of that Grand Slam event: 7-3.

Anderson had a great final even before it started, he told ?It has always been a dream for me to play Phil Taylor on a big stage. That dream finally came true tonight. That?s why I was happy without even throwing a dart?, said the Scottish tournament winner.

The feeling he had this morning, wasn?t very good for Dreamboy. ?I was going to lose with 7-0 tonight. That?s what I felt when I woke up this morning.? The reality is totally different. Anderson grabbed the first two sets of the match and never gave away his lead in the eight sets that followed. ?After the first set, I had the feeling that I was actually able to win the game tonight?, he admits. Anderson says the Bullit World Darts Trophy win is the best one in his career so far. ?If only because I beat Phil Taylor. I?m still shaking right now.?

An odd moment of the game came in the ninth set. In the deciding leg of that set (it was going to be 6-3 or 5-4), Anderson chose to finish 80 by hitting double 20 twice. He showed some courage with that shot. ?Why I did it that way? Not to give away a show or something like that. I was just hitting the double 20 really well tonight.?

Taylor had a short but great analysis of the Bullit World Darts Trophy final. ?It was the best final that I?ve ever played, I think. But I?ve been beaten by a very talented opponent. Anderson was fucking brilliant today.?

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