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Dartoid #306: Jojo Barellano

So…you’re probably wondering just who is this Jojo Barellano, and what exactly does he have to do with the sport of darts? One can easily determine from Dartoid’s latest ponderings that Mr. Barellano is perhaps one of the most dedicated and perserverant darters in the entire sport!

From Dartoid’s article:

I suppose the news that Rizal ?JoJo? Barellano will be representing his country, in the first appearance ever by a Filipino, in this year?s Professional Darts Corporation?s (PDC) world championship was greeted with a yawn by most fans of the sport. Undoubtedly when news breaks that another player from the region, again a first, has been invited will be met with a similar lack of enthusiasm.

My reaction is exactly the opposite.

Unknown Wynand Havenga?s dash to last year?s final sixteen added excitement to the tournament, cash to some lucky punter?s wallets and brought momentum to the sport in South Africa. Whether this year?s newcomers match Havenga?s unlikely accomplishment or not, they will, simply by appearing, energize the sport in far away places.

Barellano is from Davao City on Mindanao, the southernmost island group in the Philippines, an area internationally recognized as the hotbed of terrorist activity among the 7,107-island archipelago.

Berellano?s flight to Heathrow will take sixteen hours, a long-haul by any reasonable measure, represents a relatively short trip compared to the day-and-a-half that it took him to travel from his home, by ?fast boat? to the qualifying venue in Manila.

To finish this latest Dartoid column about this remarkable darts personna, please visit Dartoid’s World.

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