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John Part Evening — UPDATE!!

This update sent by Ron Wilcox, the event organizer for the earlier mentioned John Part Exhibition and Dinner:

Thanks to everyone who has replied so greatly to this event announcement, The flyer didn’t really explain everything as well as I hoped so I would like to explain a few things more clear now:

The purpose behind this event is to get more support for the youth players interested in Darts, To help support them in up coming events, To get more youth players involved, I feel that if parents came to this event then more kids would be interested in darts. Any and ALL monies over and above the cost of me running this event WILL be donated Back to the youth dart league.
the evening will consist of the following:

Dinner with John from 5-8pm Steak with all the trimmings
At this time I have invited youth players to meet John and to ask him questions, to see what a real World champion can do, and to get encouragement to continue playing darts!
During dinner we will be showing highlights of Johns Career and some wild games.

At 8 pm the main event will start, We will have a HUGE introduction (this is totally going to be the best), We will have a chat with Mr. Part and we will start drawing from ALL TICKETS SOLD for your chance to have a game against John on Stage. Now, I can not quarantine Everyone will be on stage But I will try to get as many as John is able to play, Last year he had 75 games. Throughout the evening we will be having a raffle draw for great prizes including dart-stop backboards, Scoreboards, Unicorn shirts, d-s-b shirts Nodor boards and more.

This event will be video taped without interruption and non edited to be for sale a few weeks After the event! I am also working on having it web caste live that evening!

This is going to be the biggest event of its kind in this part of Ontario if not all of Canada, I make a pledge to make this even better then last years and one you will never forget, Tickets have already been sold online at a quick pace, and as there is ONLY 125 Tickets available, I wouldn’t wait too long to get yours, We have had ticket sales from as far away as Boston, Illinois and North Bay.

Again, My main purpose of this is to have John encourage more youths to get involved in darts and to join leagues, to get more support for youths to play. And it takes Us parents to attend an event like this to really get behind our youths.

ALL youth players are welcome to attend from 5-8 that evening , to chat, learn and play John, AT NO COST (Dinner will be $13.00 if you would like diner).
Please, if you have a youth player or some youth you think would be interested in this please feel free to contact me for more information.

this year we have great sponsors supporting us, and Id like to take a moment to thank them for their support: (Rob)
Billiards and Darts Canada (Unicorn) Brad & Branko)
Nodor International (Jamie Vickerman) Erik McVay (Mike Bates)
Murray McLean Auction Parkhill (Murray and Anne McLean)
Benders FoodLand Parkhill (John and Jan Bender)
Specialty Sports Supply (Charles(Chuck)
MYFM Radio, Strathroy (Jeff Degraw)
Parkhill Legion
More sponsors will be added soon so please watch for any updates coming soon, We MAY also have a very very special guest Announcer that evening BUT more information will be coming soon!

Thanks everyone and hope to see you there!
Ron Wilcox

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