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Andy “the Viking” Fordham recovering after stroke

45 year old Andy Fordah has suffered a new health setback after having a mild stroke at his home. We here at the Oche wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him on the darts circuit soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy and his family.


Former BDO darts world champion Andy Fordham has suffered a new health setback after having a mild stroke at home.

The 45-year-old, popularly-known as “the Viking”, was forced out of the Lakeside World Championships in January through illness and later had eight litres of fluid drained from off his lungs as part of doctors’ treatment.

His latest health problems come just weeks after returning home for a period of rest and recuperation.

Figures from the two rival federations in the sport, the British Darts Organisation and the Professional Darts Corporation, both issued statements wishing Fordham a rapid recovery.

“He is such a huge and well-loved character that he and his family not only have the support of the BDO but also the worldwide support of everyone in darts,” said Olly Croft at the BDO.

“Andy has many friends within the PDC and we wish him the best of luck in his recovery,” said PDC chairman Barry Hearn.

“He showed his talents to everyone when he faced Phil Taylor in The Showdown in 2004 and I’m sure I echo the thoughts of everyone in the sport in hoping he can recapture that form and, most importantly, his health.”

Since capturing the BDO crown in 2004, Fordham has failed to win a single match at Lakeside and has seen his world ranking slip dramatically amid ongoing health problems

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