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Dartoid’s World: Merry Christmas to Dartoid’s Readers

Well, actually Dartoid’s article said “Holiday Greetings” but I’ve never been one to be politically correct I guess. Anyway…let’s see Dartoid’s last musings:

Dear Friends?

It is that time of year again to share with you Mrs. Dartoid?s and my adventures in this journey we call life. 2007 has been another year of magic and wonder…

Lori, who we adopted from Argentina in January, is almost three and quite a talker. She continues to amaze the professors at the university with her aptitude for foreign languages. It was fun for her to serve as official translator for Condoleezza Rice during her recent visit to Iraq. She plans to spend this holiday transcribing War and Peace into Arabic and Cantonese.

Chris, who we adopted from China in 2005, is now five and growing by leaps and bounds. When he got his first set of building blocks he seemed to really take to them. In April he designed his first skyscraper and ground was broken in Seoul for the new Itaewon Towers. It is great to have a budding architect at home as he made a new addition to our 8,000 square foot house and a wonderful gazebo for our garden by the koi pond and waterfall.

Adopted son Dave was immersed with his graduate school studies, and managed to co-author a paper on Multidimensional Customer Attribute Analysis by Conjoint Survey and accept a Nobel Prize for his discoveries in Quantum Physics. Along the way he took three startups through their IPO. We are proud of his work serving on the Board of Directors of IBM, Coca-Cola and Walt Disney.

Need more then this brief glimpse into Dartoid’s Lifestyle of the rich and infamous? Then head to Dartoid’s World dear reader and feast your eyes upon his brilliance! 🙂

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