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England VS The Netherlands

The English Darts Organisation is pleased to announce the date of a friendly international England versus The Netherlands darts match

(sent in by Aidan Whelan)

The venue will be the “Home of World Darts” at the Lakeside Country Club, on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of April 2007.

The Men’s team will include:

ENGLAND: Martin Adams, Martin Atkins, Roy Brown, Tony Eccles, Steve Farmer, Shaun Greatbatch, Andy Gudgeon, Ian Jones, Tony O’Shea, Gary Thompson, Scott Waites, Ricky Evans, Ross Smith, David Pallett and Ritchie George.

NETHERLANDS: Michael Van Gerwen, Jelle Klaasen, Dick Van Dijk, Vincent Van Der Voort, Jonny Nijs, Niels De Ruiter, Co Stompe, Nenny Van Der Ster, Edwin Max, Patrick Van Veldhoven, Mikel Vander Ster, Ronald Brandsen, Roy Van Den Berg

Womens Team:

ENGLAND: Trina Gulliver, Sue Biddle, Clare Bywaters, Apylee Jones, Karen Littler, Karen Lawman, Dawn Standley, Kellie Hammond, Harriet Walton

NETHERLANDS: Francis Hoenselaar, Karin Krappan, Carla Molema, Karin Ten Kate, Mieke De Boer, Floortje Van Zanten

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Thanks to Aidan Whelan for submitting this news snippet!

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