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Phil “the Bully” Taylor?

Nicholson blasts darts legend Paul ‘The Asset’ Nicholson continues his war of words with Phil Taylor in this month’s edition of Darts! Monthly magazine by branding his rival ‘a bully’.

The pair have endured a fractious relationship since Taylor accused Nicholson of disrespecting him by waving goodbye to him as he walked off stage following a 9-8 defeat. While Nicholson insists he was simply waving goodbye to his demons after defeating the 13-time World Champion, he pulls no punches regarding his feelings on Taylor. Nicholson said: “When I was growing up I had very strong parents and they said to me if you ever come cross a bully never back down – and Phil’s a bully.  “I believe everything I said has been totally true. I stand by everything I did at Bolton and I’ve done nothing wrong. If he wants to speak to the papers and vent that way, well then that’s up to him.” 

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  1. JShakespear August 12th, 2011 9:25 am

    Congratulations to the winner! I understand the actions of “waving goodbye”, however, a gracious nod may have worked also. Darts is a sport that can reinforce the concepts of good sportsmanship, teamwork, fair competition and success. We are responsible to teach and be an example to the younger generations. Don’t be a bully. Mentor others to continue and perfect the sport. When one wins be gracious. Families are watching closely. Darts is a fantastic sport so lets show the world it has fantastic people participating.