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New Zealand’s Warren Parry Grabs 2007 Oceanic Masters

Warren Perry of New Zealand defeated Brian Roach 8-7 to take the 2007 Oceanic Masters, held October 26th through October 28th.

Early in the match Roach gave Parry a good run, and was facing a 6-3 lead, but Parry mounted a very strong comeback and reached 7-7.

Parry took the last deciding leg in 15 darts and picked up his second Oceanic Master’s Championship title.

This win gives Parry a chance to make his second appearance in the PDC World Championships, with his earlier appearance being for the 2006 Circus Tavern event. He and fellow New Zealander Alan Bolton will be competing in the PDC World Championships at Alexandra Place, London, on December 17, 2007.

Source: Dart Players Australia.

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