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New Journey Awaits The Viking as Fordham Returns to the Oche

Andy ‘the Viking’ Fordham will begin his PDC darting adventure this weekend in the Players Championship at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, and he compares this feeling to “going to a new school.”

Fordham had success in the PDC rival organisation the BDO, winning the World Masters in 1999 and going on to take the Lakeside victory in 2004, but his career began to suffer in the wake of health problems.

A once overweight Viking was hospitalised on more than one occasion due to health concerns, and was facing the prospect of needing a liver transplant. He gave up drinking and lost some 15 stone in weight, and now returns to the oche a new man and in a new darting organisation.

From a PDC article:

Having overcome those problems, he then picked up a back problem at the turn of the year following his decision to join the Professional Darts Corporation – but he is now fit to return to the circuit.

He will compete in the two PDC Pro Tour events in Coventry, beginning on Saturday in a Players Championship before opening his bid to qualify for the Blue Square UK Open in Sunday’s Regional Final.

“I’m really looking forward to it, but in a nervous way,” said Fordham. “It’s like going to a new school.

“I want to get back into it, but I don’t know what to expect. I think most people know it’s not going to be the best to start with.

“Lance Armstrong was saying recently that even though it was four years since he’d raced people were expecting him to go back and do exactly what he was doing before.

“It’s like that for me, some people are expecting me to play like I did before, but it’s like I’m a totally different person.

“One major factor is that I don’t drink any more, so we’ve got to find out how that works, plus my body’s a different shape, and my confidence is at rock bottom.

“The only way to get my confidence back up is by going and playing and it’s very hard to get it going again.

“But I’ve got to start somewhere and hopefully it will go well at the weekend.”

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