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screenshotAs I’m sure most of you are aware, I have recently overhauled the site here at

It had served its purpose for some years, but has also been beginning to show its age for some time now, so just as the new year rolled around, I decided to roll out a brand new version of the website as well.

We are pretty excited about the changes and additions to the site, and thought that we would give you a quick and dirty tour of some of them now.

If you were familiar with the old site layout, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble at all navigating your way around the new layout, but there are a few key additions that I would like to talk to you about, and also some general information that I would like to share with you.

One of the things that we are very excited about is that post comments are now available, so you the viewer can interact with us and give us your opinions of the articles and news stories posted here. We are fans of free speech and will post any side of any issue, but we do not tolerate “hate-speech” or spam. We moderate all comments, so it may take a few minutes for yours to show up, but we do not practice the censorship that some sites seem to believe in, so if you have an opinion, feel free to voice it!

tutorial1 One thing that you’ll probably need to know is how to get back to the home page after you’ve been browsing around a bit.

As the image to the left shows, you may either click the very top left link that says “,” or you may click the link on the top of the navigation menu in the Recommend Links section that is labeled “The Oche – Main Page.”

Either or both of these will get you right back where you started from from any page on the website, or you may click the “back” button in whatever your choice of web browser.


Two new features of this site design are the search bar and the RSS subscription options. As you can see in the image below, both are located near the top right hand corner of the website.

tutorial1aUsing the search box, you may search for any terms or phrases you wish to find and you will be given a list of all articles on the site containing those terms (well, duh!). This is useful if you’re doing research, or just looking for an article on something in particular. All of the articles here are indexed, and as of the time of this post’s writing there were over 600 news articles and we’re steadly growing, so there will hopefully be something to be found for everyone!

The second new feature is our RSS subscription changes. We are now managing our RSS Feed through Google. When we moved our site over to this new format, we unfortunately had to change our RSS URL and this led to a small bit of confusion. We decided to place our feed on the Google feed service because now, no matter what changes we make to the site in the future, the feed address will never change for you the subscriber.

There is now also an option for you to subscribe to our news articles using nothing more than your email inbox. Just click on the link just under the search box that says “Subscribe by email ” and follow the easy to understand instructions. You will get an email whenever the content on the site changes or we add a new news story so you’ll never miss out on something new here!

Visit us often just in case though! 🙂


The next thing you’ll probably want to be aware of is the navigation menu itself. These links, as shown here in the image to the right, will let you travel to any page on the site from any other page on the website. This is a useful way for you to quickly see what news has been updated since your last visit here.

We’ll add more pages of news from around the darting world as we find them, but if you have a darts news related website, or you see a useful one while you’re surfing around the web, please drop us a line and tell us about it! We strive to be a comprehensive darts news source, but there is always room for more news from places we’ve missed!



The next sections are right together and they let you browse our news archives by date. You may use the calendar and click on a date to see any posts from that day, or you may click the link under the calendar to go back a month at a time. Any dates in which an article has been posted will become a clickable link that will take you to that day’s archived posts.

Underneath the calendar in the News Archives section is a pulldown menu labeled “Select Month.” This is a convenient way for you to quickly go back in time by month or year to any date in the site’s history. Clicking this link will give you a month by month listing, with the number of articles posted in a given month listed just to the right.


Just below the archive section of the site, you’ll see a list of news posts. These are our top ten most popular posts, listed by their number of views. As you can see, some of the posts here have become quite popular.

I’m sure that this list won’t change much, particularly as some of the older and popular posts have such a head start on the newer articles, but this list will let visitors see what you guys have “voted” as some of the most popular news postings here on


The next sections that have been updated aretutorial5 some of the banner ads. We currently have three banner ad spots, two of which you can see in the image to the left, in which we are featuring YOUR website! If you have a darts related website and you use our RSS News Feed on your site, we’ll place your banner in the rotation for these spots. The banners are shown at random from the entire group we have, so your banner might not be shown on every page view, but sometime it will be every banner on the page as well, so it will be good exposure for you I can assure you. We think this is a very good way to reward you for sending traffic our way.

We get quite a bit of traffic here on, especially during the larger darts tournaments, so you can rest assured that your banner will reach a signifigant viewing audience. If you do not have a darts website, or heaven forbid, you would rather not feature our news feed on your site, then you may contact us and inquire about our advertising rates. We do not sell too many of these spots, as we do reserve them for our news partners, but we do from time to time have some available and if your site is darts related we can probably work something out with you.


tutorial6Last but not least, we come to the business part of the site. We’re not hear to make money, and given the expense of trying to run a website we are lucky to cover our expenses. To make it possible for you to get here in the first place, we have to pay for the domain, pay the company that lets us use their servers to house the pages, and we have time involved with keeping it up and running.

As we said, we’re not hear to get rich or even to make money, but breaking even is nice. We do not want to encourage you to click on anything that you wouldn’t normally click on, but if you see anything in ad spaces you see here on the left, then feel free to click and visit the sponsor’s websites. There are a lot of darts related companies using the ad service that we have chosen, and we want this site to be a great place for them to advertise on, so they, and we, would appreciate your business when you need to purchase any type of dart supplies.

If needed, we can also eliminate any of the specific companies that are allowed to place ads on our sites as well, so if you ever see anything that you find offensive or inappropriate, please let us know and we will look into it for you. We want the advertisers to be successful by placing their ads on our site, but even more than that we want you, the visitor to OUR website, to be happy.

If you see something you don’t like, let us know. If you see something you DO like, let your friends know! If you have any comments, feel free to post them here in the article or use our contact form to get us directly.

There are other bits and pieces of new stuff scattered about the site, like Polls, Visitors Online, Spam Comments, etc, and other items are planned for the future, so bookmark this page and visit us often!

As always, thank you for using!


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  1. Rags January 25th, 2009 9:30 pm

    Looks great! Much easier on the eyes as well as the navigation!

  2. The Oche January 25th, 2009 10:28 pm

    Thank you very much! Hopefully I’ll have some more new goodies ready soon. Nice darts shirt site yourself as well mate.