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Gary Anderson Changing Nickname to Begin New Career in PDC

Hoping that a name change to go along with his organisational move will also change his winning percentage, Gary “Dream Boy” Anderson is no more. His new PDC moniker is now Gary “The Flying Scotsman” Anderson.

Anderson remarked: “The Flying Scotsman is not bad, it underlines my patriotism for my country but it’s going to cost me a fortune in lettering on the back of my shirts. I might even have to pile on the weight so I’m a XXXXL so we can get the entire nickname across my back!”

From The Sun:

Berwick-boy Ando has ditched his ‘Dream Boy’ moniker for ‘The Flying Scotsman’ after leaving the British Darts Organisation for the Profesional Darts Corporation.

And Anderson, now based in Somerset, is delighted to lose his Dream tag after it turned into a nightmare for him.

He said: “I don’t know how I got the Dream Boy name but I always hated it.”

As Anderson prepares to face world darts heavyweights such as Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Mervyn King, James Wade, and others who are at the top of the sport, Anderson will have more to worry about than a nickname.

Knowing he will soon face some of the stiffest darts competition in the world has prompted the now Flying Scotsman to spend more time at the practice boards.

Anderson, who was ranked BDO World No1 when he left a fortnight ago, is working hard at the practice board before his PDC debut in Irvine on March 7 – and that’s not something he’s been renowned for.

He added: “I’ve never been a big practice man but I’m starting from the bottom in the PDC so I have to be as best prepared as I can.

“I’m actually doing between eight to 10 hours at the board every day – it’s a real hard slog but I’m hoping it will pay off starting in Irvine.”

Stay tuned to after the tournament begins for coverage and to find out if his new practice strategy, and his new nickname, have paid off.

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