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Dutch Duo van der Voort and van Gerwen Head to PDC US Open

Dutch pair Vincent van der Voort and Michael van Gerwen have been drawn with John Kuczynski and Kevin McDine in the first round of the PDC US Open.

The £125,000 tournament begins on Friday May 16 at the Mohegan Sun Casino, Connecticut, with the 258-player field being whittled down to the last 16 on day one before the action shifts to the televised stage in the Cabaret Theatre.


The last 16 will be screened live on NutsTV on Saturday May 17 from 7pm-12pm (BST), with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final screened on Sunday May 18 from 7pm-12pm (BST).

The leading players will have to win four matches on Friday to book their place in the last 16, with Wayne Mardle facing a tough opener against top Boston player Tom Curtin, who qualified for the 2006 World Series of Darts.

The tie of the first round sees two of the sport’s best young talents meet, with unseeded duo Kevin McDine and Michael van Gerwen paired on Board 31.

Another Dutch star, Vincent van der Voort, faces top American John Kuczynski in a high-profile contest, while Ray Carver – currently the highest-ranked US player in the PDC Order of Merit – opens against Canadian Jim Snook.

Van Gerwen’s fellow Dutchman Jelle Klaasen opens up against another former World Series of Darts qualifier, Tim Grossman, while world number one Raymond van Barneveld faces Ohio’s Christopher Russano.

Phil Taylor opens the defence of his PDC US Open title against New Hampshire’s Robert St Onge.

Many top names from the north American circuit have entered, including 1994 World Matchplay champion Larry Butler – who takes on Chris Thompson – Paul Lim, Steve Brown, Sean Downs and Scott Cummings.

Terry Jenkins kicks off against top Canadian Rory Orvis, who competed in the 2004 PDC World Championship, while current World Champion John Part meets Tom Waterman in his opener.

Tickets are still available for the PDC US Open – click here for full details:
The PDC US Open will begin at 2pm (local time) on Friday May 16, with all games the best of five sets, best of three legs per set.

Watch the PDC US Open, with the last 16 onwards screened on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May live on NutsTV (Sky Guide 207 & Freeview 42) PDC US Open
Board 1
Raymond van Barneveld (1)
Christopher Russano
Mark Carter
Sean Smith
Taro Yachi
Kory Nichols
Phil Sroka
Jerry Hall Kurt Tyson

Board 2
Steve Maish (32)
Scott Henning
Gary Mawson
Cornelius McLoughlin
Ron Linstruth
Robert Peterson
Shawn Branneman
Martin Tremblay

Board 3
Denis Ovens (16)
Joel Beal
Kieran Leal
David Minasian
Ron Parent
Donnie Strode
John Piepiora
Lor Thao

Board 4
Ronnie Baxter (17)
Jerry van Loan
Doug Stacey
Sebastian Gagnon
Jason Roker
Paul Bolduc
John Quantock
Michael Minero Jnr.

Board 5
Roland Scholten (8)
John Finnegan
Tom Cocker
Jason Watt
Robert Miske
Mark Neilson
James Jordan
Sean Downs

Board 6
Wes Newton (25)
Gordon Dixon
David Walsh
Fred Kreuger
Joseph Doolan
Kevin Lagos
Garret Hammond
Wayne Budgen

Board 7
Colin Lloyd (9)
Owen Shea
Jason Benjamin
Steve Brown
Terry Hayhurst
Jason Naert
James K Horan
John Jacko

Board 8
Vincent van der Voort (24)
John Kuczynski
Luben Izon
Daniel Beauregard
Jon Archer
Dave Fennell
Mike Maguire
Ben Burton

Board 9
Terry Jenkins (5)
Rory Orvis
Paul Lim
Robert Race
Stephen Panuncialman
Tim Lemieux
Donald Suiter
T J Jackowski

Board 10
Steve Beaton (28)
Adam Sherlock
Davis Snider
Darin Young
Robert Given
Roland Hall
David Fatum
Simon Craven

Board 11
Barrie Bates (12)
Kenji Mayama
Charles Healy
Lawrence Gallagher
Rob Petelin
Tony Eccles
Paul Cooper
Joe Davanti

Board 12
Mervyn King (21)
Dieter Schutsch
Brian Blankenhorn
Garrett French
Darren Starr
Scott Kirchner
Bill Davis
Thomas Pagluica

Board 13
John Part (4)
Tom Waterman
Richard Corless
Roger Carter
Matt Malone
Isen Veljic
Colin Monk
Janel Pelletier

Board 14
Mark Walsh (29)
Jeffrey Borland
Paul Cockings
Roy Chad
James Drury
Brian Cyr
Michael Parks
Tom Sawyer

Board 15
Alan Tabern (13)
Lee White
Larry Butler
Chris Thompson
Scott Pressey
Darren Johnson
Jason Smith
Riley Stockman

Board 16
Chris Mason (20)
William Penn
Peter Wright
John Davis
Anthony Eugenia
Tim O’Gorman
Michael Brewer
Richie Sieferheld

Board 17
Phil Taylor (2)
Robert St. Onge
Jason Hill
Scott Cummings
Henry Helie
Kevin Dowling
John MaGowan
Michael Mitchell
Joe Chaney

Board 18
Alan Warriner-Little (31)
Thomas Watson
Vasilios Gavrielatos
Tony Thompson
Sean Moran
Michael Burns
Chris Leslie
Brian Blake

Board 19
Kevin Painter (15)
Bruce Graham
Brian Jones
Jeffrey Stewart
Alexander MacDougall
George Timpone
Michael Rountree
Daniel Thibadeau

Board 20
Colin Osborne (18)
Neil Dickson
Steve Hine
Dan Olson
Joselito Moises
Craig Akin
Jared Gurman
Dave Ladley

Board 21
Andy Hamilton (7)
Christopher Eberley
Brad Page
Chris White
Pat Breithaupt
Buddy Lessig
Robert Heckman
Jim Widmayer

Board 22
Alex Roy (26)
William de Witt
Keith Connor
David Hascup
Stowe Buntz
Thomas J Bunnenberg
Ray Carver
Jim Snook

Board 23
Wayne Mardle (10)
Tom Curtin
Lorne Heinrichs
Martyn Turner
Frank Smith
Adrian W Lewis
Richard Espinosa
Richard Hammond

Board 24
Andy Smith (23)
Ross Snook
Stephen Lore
Frank LeRue
Irene Mangan
Pete Riehl
Darren Latham
David Marienthal

Board 25
Adrian Lewis (6)
Gerry Convery
Stacy Stevens
Scott Wollaston
Chester Mackenzie
Bobby Peters
Dave Honey
Jeffrey Steinberg

Board 26
Mick McGowan (27)
Danny Pike
David Saba
Kenneth Johnson
Barry Todd
Dennis Smith
Rick Wadlow
Yvonne Martin-Cowig

Board 27
Peter Manley (11)
Mark Schlesinger
Timmy Nicoll
Raymond Knispel
Jeff Marks
James Love
Dennis Sayre Jnr
Mark Lawrence

Board 28
Mark Dudbridge (22)
Bruce Robbins
Matt Clark
Bill Anderson
Dave Cameron
Sean Lodge
Mark Prutchick
Brad Wethington

Board 29
James Wade (3)
Gerard Zuilkowski
Damien McKenna
Robert Baechler
Bill Butler
Dan Lauby
Robert Gargan
Matthew Courtney

Board 30
Adrian Gray (30)
Cameron Paine
J Dwayne Heinrichs
Robert Watson-Lang
Jason Clark
Chris Linkous
Michael Garramone
Jim Newman

Board 31
Dennis Priestley (14)
Kevin Czipo
Donny Joe
Thomas Healy
Michael van Gerwen
Kevin McDine
Ron Miller
Joseph Swick

Board 32
Andy Jenkins (19)
Ron Colvard
Jayson Barlow
Victor DeWilde
Dave Watson
Robert Tafuri
Jelle Klaasen
Tim Grossman

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