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Dennis Priestley Proves Canadian Menace

DENNIS PRIESTLEY has retained the Canadian Players Championship title with a 6-4 defeat of Wes Newton.

Priestley claimed the £5,000 title in Canada for a second successive year with an impressive return to action.

The veteran has not competed since the World Matchplay, when he lost in round one to Denis Ovens, but swept aside the field at the Hilton London Ontario.

He whitewashed Shaun Warwick and Ernie Cavanagh in his opening two games before picking up a narrow 6-4 win over Matt Clark.

Priestley then restricted Andy Jenkins and Roland Scholten to a total of three legs in the quarter-finals and semi-finals before denying Newton a first PDC Pro Tour win.

Newton took the opening leg of the final against the throw, before Priestley won three of the next four to lead 3-2, including a 14-darter.

Newton landed two 140s in levelling in the sixth and also hit a maximum and an 81 finish to break throw again and lead 4-3.

Priestley hit two 140s and a 121 checkout in hitting back to level and then held his throw to lead 5-4 – before hitting his first 180 of the game and then a 154 checkout to wrap up victory.

Newton’s display was his best on the circuit this year and also saw him reach his first Players Championship final since June 2007, and also increases his hopes of qualifying for October’s Skybet World Grand Prix.

Scholten – whose last year has been dogged by a shoulder injury – included Canada’s three-time World Champion John Part, Peter Manley and Alan Tabern amongst his victims in his best display since reaching the semis at the 2008 Las Vegas Desert Classic.

Last week’s Australian Open Players Championship winner Paul Nicholson enjoyed a strong challenge for back-to-back wins, but was defeated 6-4 in the semis by Newton.

Kevin Painter was a first round victim to experienced Canadian Bob Sinnaeve, who competed in ten World Championships until 1992.

Darin Young was the leading north American on the day, reaching the quarter-finals, while Jim Long and Bernie Miller reached the last 16.

Canadian Players Championship
Preliminary Round
Board One
Dennis Priestley (1) Bye
Shaun Warwick 6-1 Peter Hewetson
James Hine 6-4 Mark Nielsen (32)
Ernie Cavanagh 6-2 Dave Fralic

Board Two
Matt Clark (16) Bye
Glen Fraser 6-1 Jason Roker
Barrie Bates (17) Bye
Norm Wylie 6-0 Jared Gurman

Board Three
Kevin Painter (8) Bye
Bob Sinnaeve 6-0 Ron Schmidt
Larry Butler (25) 6-0 Mark Pritchick
Jim Long 6-1 Charlie Vandenakker

Board Four
Andy Jenkins (9) Bye
Terry Hayhurst 6-3 Gary Glidden
Andy Rust 6-4 Par Riihonen (24)
Ryan Killian 6-5 Chuck Pankow

Board Five
Alan Tabern (5) Bye
Doug Boehm 6-0 Goby Logan
Ray Carver (28) 6-4 Wayne Budgen
Ben Norrad 6-2 Ron Wilcox

Board Six
Peter Manley (12) Bye
Jeff Noble 6-5 Jim Newman 5-6 Jeff Noble
Roland Scholten (21) 6-2 Paul Cockings
Andrew Wilson 6-5 Stuart Brown

Board Seven
Robert Thornton (4) Bye
Brian Ross 6-3 Don Cowan
Bernie Miller 6-2 Dan Olsen (29)
Nicholas Holmes 6-4 Mike Mills

Board Eight
Steve Maish (13) Bye
Mark Green 6-0 Todd Thomas
John Part (20) Bye
Al Moskwyn 6-1 Edwin Martin

Board Nine
Mark Walsh (2) Bye
Dave Richardson 6-1 Kelly Doyle
Shawn Brenneman (31) 6-0 Chris Arsenault
Roger Furoy 6-3 Fabian White

Board Ten
Paul Nicholson (15) Bye
Billy McLeod 6-0 Richard Harris
Kevin McDine (18) Bye
David Green 6-5 Chris Simmons

Board 11
Denis Ovens (7) Bye
Gary Robinson 6-0 Brent Closs
Darin Young (26) 6-1 Chris Greenwood
Dave Switzer 6-0 Steven Wilcox

Board 12
Tony Eccles (10) Bye
Kevin Killian 6-5 Lee McGuire
Mark Webster (23) 6-0 Kory Nichols
Sean Boussen 6-1 Bill Penn

Board 13
Terry Jenkins (6) Bye
Jayson Barlow 6-0 Benjamin Thagichu
Bill Davis (27) 6-1 Karen Coddington
Steve Hill 6-3 Daniel Thibaudeau

Board 14
Co Stompe (11) Bye
Mike Mainville 6-3 William Gibson
Gary Mawson (22) 6-3 Mike Aubrey
Ross Snook 6-1 Daniel Mailloux

Board 15
Ronnie Baxter (3) Bye
Sean Smyth 6-1 Preston Noonan
Gerry Convery (30) 6-0 Paul DiCecca
Andre Carman 6-0 Cathie Beaudry

Board 16
Wes Newton (14) Bye
Sean Lodge 6-0 Derrick Thomas
Steve Hine (19) Bye
Ken MacNeil 6-1 Pete Riehl

First Round
Dennis Priestley 6-0 Shaun Warwick
Ernie Cavanagh 6-0 James Hind
Matt Clark 6-0 Glenn Fraser
Barrie Bates 6-1 Norm Wylie
Bob Sinnaeve 6-4 Kevin Painter
Jim Long 6-3 Larry Butler
Andy Jenkins 6-2 Terry Hayhurst
Ryan Killian 6-4 Andy Rust
Alan Tabern 6-2 Doug Boehm
Ray Carver 6-1 Ben Norrad
Peter Manley 6-4 Jeff Noble
Roland Scholten 6-2 Andrew Wilson
Robert Thornton 6-1 Brian Ross
Bernie Miller 6-0 Nicholas Holmes
Steve Maish 6-0 Mark Green
John Part 6-1 Al Moskwyn
Mark Walsh 6-4 Dave Richardson
Shawn Brenneman 6-2 Roger Furoy
Paul Nicholson 6-3 Billy McLeod
Kevin McDine 6-2 David Green
Denis Ovens 6-1 Gary Robinson
Darun Young 6-2 Dave Switzer
Tony Eccles 6-0 Kevin Killian
Mark Webster 6-0 Sean Boussen
Terry Jenkins 6-1 Jayson Barlow
Bill Davis 6-4 Steve Hill
Co Stompe 6-0 Mike Mainville
Gary Mawson 6-2 Ross Snook
Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Sean Smyth
Andre Carman 6-5 Gerry Convery
Wes Newton 6-0 Sean Lodge
Steve Hine 6-4 Ken MacNeil
Losers £100

Second Round
Dennis Priestley 6-0 Ernie Cavanagh
Matt Clark 6-5 Barrie Bates
Jim Long 6-3 Bob Sinnaeve
Andy Jenkins 6-1 Ryan Killian
Alan Tabern 6-0 Ray Carver
Roland Scholten 6-2 Peter Manley
Bernie Miller 6-3 Robert Thornton
John Part 6-3 Steve Maish
Mark Walsh 6-1 Shawn Brenneman
Paul Nicholson 6-1 Kevin McDine
Darin Young 6-5 Denis Ovens
Tony Eccles 6-4 Mark Webster
Terry Jenkins 6-1 Bill Davis
Co Stompe 6-2 Gary Mawson
Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Andrew Carman
Wes Newton 6-4 Steve Hine
Losers £200

Third Round
Dennis Priestley 6-4 Matt Clark
Andy Jenkins 6-4 Jim Long
Roland Scholten 6-1 Alan Tabern
John Part 6-3 Bernie Miller
Paul Nicholson 6-5 Mark Walsh
Darin Young 6-4 Tony Eccles
Terry Jenkins 6-2 Co Stompe
Wes Newton 6-5 Ronnie Baxter
Losers £300

Dennis Priestley 6-1 Andy Jenkins
Roland Scholten 6-3 John Part
Paul Nicholson 6-1 Darin Young
Wes Newton 6-3 Terry Jenkins
Losers £700

Dennis Priestley 6-2 Roland Scholten
Wes Newton 6-4 Paul Nicholson
Losers £1,250

Dennis Priestley 6-4 Wes Newton
Winner £5,000
Runner-Up £2,500

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