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Darts Video: Sid Waddell Helps Skills for Life Numeracy Campaign Hit Bullseye.

“I think that if Bertrand Russell and Einstein had been with us today, they’d be dart players, ’cause mathemetics speak about the beauty of what’s in it,” remarked the “Voice of the Oche.”

Waddell returned to his native North-east to assist the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) with their campaign to increase adult numeracy and literacy skills.

On the importance of being to perform the everyday mathematical skills that many of us take for granted Sid said: “The ability to do simple calculations not only helps people in their personal life with hobbies such as darts or keeping an eye on household budgets, but can also help them progress further in their careers.”

According to this article on the Gazette Live website, 22% of working age adults in this region had literacy skills below Level 1 in 2003, and 28% had numeracy skills below Entry Level 3, equlivant to a typical 9-11 year old education.

Thanks to the efforts of grass roots organisations such as the LSC progress is being made, and between 2005 and 2008 close to 100,000 learners in the region achieved a Skills for Life qualification. Just over half of these were age 16 to 18, with just under half being adult learners.

For more information, please visit the Gazette Live website and a companion article on the Chronicle Live website.

Another related on the BBC website from several years ago is located here.

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