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Iranian Jihad heading for the UK?

A new Islmic assault might be heading for the UK…but not quite the attack you might suspect…

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‘Keep on throwing arrows…’ How Islam claims darts for Iran
By Kay Biouki in Teheran and Harry de Quetteville
(Filed: 15/10/2006)

It is synonymous with beer, big bellies and rowdy pub crowds, but darts has found a new spiritual home ? in Iran.

Thousands of miles from the raucous Circus Tavern in Essex, venue for the Darts World Championship, dartboards are going up in mosques and social clubs across the ultra-conservative Islamic Republic.

Bearded clerics, senior politicians and even the feared revolutionary guards are among hundreds of thousands of new devotees stepping up to the oche for what is being billed as the latest in “good, clean, fun”.

Indeed, far from falling foul of the strict Islamic regulations in Iran, darts can claim to be blessed by the prophet Mohammed.

The darts association is part of the Iranian archery federation which ? along with swimming and horse riding ? enjoys religious sanction.

Mohammed is even recorded in the traditions, or hadiths, as saying: “Practise archery? Keep on throwing arrows? Throw, and I am with all of you.”

An official at one Teheran mosque said: “The game is very healthy and helps youths to concentrate and there is nothing against it from the Islamic point of view. So not only do we have nothing against it, we encourage young people to play it.”


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