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Dartoid Has Flown the Coop!

Or rather, he’s flying to the Coop. The 28th annual Chuck and Stick’s Chicken Coop Open.

I haven’t heard anything from Dartoid since his announcement about taking on the Thailand Lady Darters, but I’m guessing that after that butt whoopin’ he felt that it was time to try his hand on some of the Ozark Mountain Darters, though I doubt that victory will be any easier!

From the Dartoid’s World Article:

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Column 358

I am about to frickin’ depart for the BEST frickin’ darts tournament in the world and I don’t mind tellin’ ya that I can barely frickin’ wait!

I haven’t missed Chuck and Stick’s Chicken COOP Open since 2006 when I first took Mike Edwards up on his invitation to venture into the Ozarks to have a go against some of the good old boys. Thinking Deliverance, I had for years hesitated to accept Edward’s offer. Seriously, there is one thing I have no interest whatsoever in experiencing…

But finally I made the great trek to Missouri – and I have never looked back. I had the time of my life and I’m looking forward to more of the same in just a few days.

The COOP is (modestly) billed as the “largest and greatest” outdoor tournament in the world. It’s more than that, much more. For anyone who loves the game – and particularly for anybody who has played for years and lost sight of how it feels to throw with friends for the simple joy of it – the COOP is the only place to be the first weekend of every June.

Just a bit of background…

It was nearly three decades ago that Chuck Gideon and Joe “Stick” Stacy invited a few friends over for a barbeque and to throw some darts at a board nailed to the side of a chicken coop in Gideon’s back yard. The next year they did it again, and then again…

Read the rest of the entire article here, on Dartoid’s World.

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  1. Warren Ackary May 29th, 2009 2:48 am

    Well what can I say except.. “Only Dartoid can do the nuttiest things and make a great read of it while getting his butt kicked”

    Gooooo Mr.26.. opps I maen The ‘Toid