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Dartoid #315: Dartoid VS Blackhorse Battle Royal! No One Leaves the Oche Alive!

Well, it seems that Dartoid’s skills with the pen are matched only by his skills with the pin….the pin he uses to poke others with. This week on Dartoid’s World, watch as he attempts to incite a riot in the Portland Darting community in a no hold’s barred match with Sewa’s own BlackHorse.

From Dartoid’s Column:

His name’s Greg Hurst but they call him BlackHorse. I don’t know why…

What I do know is this: Hurst is one of the most enthusiastic proponents of our game to be found anywhere on the planet. He’s an amazingly prolific poster at the popular SEWA darts website forum ( with nearly 6,000 entries to his name.

So we have a fair bit in common. We both love the sport of darts. We both write a lot about it. We both have stupid nicknames.

We even both once owned a red 1969 Impala convertible. I wrecked mine attempting a “360” on a snowy side street in Flint, Michigan in 1970 – smashed it into a tree in some guy’s front yard. Don’t tell my old man, as 38 years later he still blames himself, thinking I innocently lost control because he delayed replacing the threadbare tires.

There is one more thing BlackHorse and I have in common, or so it might appear to those who have read some of our online exchanges: we each think the other is an idiot.

I understand why BlackHorse has issues with me. That’s because, well… sometimes I am an idiot, plus I once posted on another website that he writes drivel, which, well… like me, he does sometimes. I am an expert on drivel. I know it when I see it travel from my fingers to my computer screen.

I shouldn’t have made the post though. When BlackHorse made the post that I reacted to he was just excited, as was I (and everyone else in the world who isn’t British) a couple of months back as his countryman John Part was steamrolling that 9-year-old Shepherd kid en route to his third world title.

Why do I think BlackHorse is an idiot? Truth be known I don’t (I just like to rib the bloke), although I freely admit there have been times when I’ve privately wished someone would send him to a slaughterhouse to be sectioned and shipped to dinner tables in Japan. One such occasion occurred last week when he told me to “go (insert the worst word you can imagine here) myself” three times in the span of about fifteen minutes.

Will Dartoid survive? Will the Commandant show up and rescue Dartoid? Or will he help BlackHorse whip Dartoid’s ass? Tune into Dartoid’s World and find out the rest of the story!

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