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Whitlock beats Glasgow

Well, not the whole town (tough lot them) but Simon Whitlock beat local hero 6-4 in week 6 of the McCoy’s Premier League.
This moved Whitlock into 2nd place in the series behind…well, you know.
The big issue in Whitlock/Anderson is that Simon managed to keep his head amidst the notoriously rowdy Glasgow crowd. It was only a year ago that Lenny Boyle, writing for the Mirror, referred to the Anderson/Lewis match as a day that shall live in [darts] infamy.

I’m sure the Scotsmen were (mostly) embarrassed over last year’s nonsense and were relieved to put last year behind them.

Oh yeah…Taylor won again.

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Hello everyone, long time no post!

Hello darts guys’n’gals that read First of all, let me apologize for the long delay in posting anything here. Secondly, let me apologize in advance for the post I’m about to make…

As I’m sure you have noticed, there hasn’t been a new darts news post here on The Oche for quite some time now, not since August 03, 2011 to be exact. During this time, I have gone through several things in the real world, and during it all, I’ve been doing some soul searching regarding this website.

Darts in my area is pretty much non-existent, and this coupled with other “real world” pursuits have forced me to put The Oche on the back burner during this time. I thought that my absence from the site would eat at me…nag away until I would force myself to dig up some kind of darts news and post it here for you. Quite to the contrary…not having the worry of maintaining this site has been somewhat liberating. Read more


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