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Tragedy Strikes at Barbados Darts Festival

Trev Lloyd
Trevor Lloyd, Caribbean Darts Organisation

On the second evening of major tournament play at the 2010 Brydens Barbados Darts Festival, Trevor Lloyd, the long serving President of the Caribbean Darts Organisation, finished chalking a game, entered into a conversation with Anthony Forde and suddenly collapsed. He had suffered a massive heart attack and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

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Great Package Deals Attract Participants from Both Canada and USA to the Barbados Darts Festival


A sizable contingent of participants from Canada and the USA will be joining the Brits, the Bajans and darts players from other countries in the Caribbean and South America at this year’s Barbados Darts Festival in November.

This signals a major breakthrough for Festival Director, Michael Heal, who has always felt that the ingredients that have made the Festival so attractive to darts players from the UK and the Caribbean for the last eight years would also appeal to darts players from the North American continent.

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