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Canada’s Number One Darter (No, the OTHER one).

Though he may hold the current PDC World title, John Part is not Canada’s #1 ranked darter. That distinction goes to another of Part’s countrymen, Gerry Convery.

Winnipeg Free Press by Alison Mayes:

In the sport of darts, the hotshot professionals have nicknames.

There’s Phil (The Power) Taylor, Peter (One Dart) Manley and Adrian (Jackpot) Lewis.

The reigning world champion, who hails from Oshawa, Ont. – although most elite players are British or Dutch – goes by the Star Wars-inspired moniker John (Darth Maple) Part.

Some have tried to christen Winnipeg’s world-class dart warrior Gerry (The Irish Rover) Convery or Gerry (The Closer) Convery, for his ability to pull out a win when the pressure is on.

But Convery, a former Canadian champ who has competed in the PDC World Darts Championship in England for the past four years – finishing as high as the top 16 – just doesn’t have the flashy ego to make a nickname stick.

I’m more laid back and easygoing,” says the friendly Irish-Canadian competitor, a 52-year-old grandfather who has worked for Manitoba Hydro for 23 years.

Still, Convery can play the intimidation game. While posing for a photographer, he folds his arms, puffs up his chest, juts out his chin and jokes, “D’ya want me like this? Like the cocky Brits?”

Because Part, the famous Canadian, makes his full-time living by playing darts overseas, and because the dart universe is confusingly governed by two rival organizations, Convery qualifies as the top-ranked player in Canada.
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