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About was created to help provide darts fans with a single source for all of the major news relating to the sport. We try to find news sources that are fair to both the BDO and the PDC, as well as bringing news stories from all over the globe. Darts is a global sport, and we feel that news of darts should be global as well.

All of the stories on the front page are manually collected and posted, or are from articles that are sent to us as news releases, and sometimes they are sent in from our readers. Unlike some other darts news sites out there, we aren’t automated by using RSS, and freely provide our feed for your subscription, and we also use the freely available feeds of other sites. Our purpose is to make things easier on you, our viewers, and we want to provide you with the best possible darts news coverage.

If you aren’t familiar with RSS feeds or the programs you may use to take advantage of them, don’t worry! We’ve tried to make things easy, and you may subscribe to our offerings using your email account.



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Follow on Twitter!We also try to keep up with the latest technology to allow you to follow our news in the greatest variety of ways possible. you may follow us on twitter and get the latest darts news tweets delivered to your phone, computer desktop, or any other method you choose to use.

We have found several frequently updated news sources, and have pages giving you their current headlines (as well as links back to the entire articles). You may use the menu to the right to navigate to these pages.

As with most any modern website, we are always a work in progress, and as we find new sources of darts information, we’ll add them. We want to be a complete one stop solution to your darts news needs. Although we know we’ll probably never achieve that goal, we’ll certainly keep striving towards it.

We also welcome any comments or criticisms relating to anything that’s on your mind, whether it’s your opinion of our site or your views on anything else in the wide world of darts, so if you have anything to say, or any darts information you’d like us to publish, just use our contact form to send us an email.

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